seasoned mixed hardwoods supplied and delivered in a 1 cubic meter bulk bag.

Seasoned logs are left to season for up to 2 years and generally weathered compared to kiln dried and contain 20-30% moisture or less, compared with kiln dried which are less than 20%

Preferred use is open fires and fire pits but can be burnt in stoves.

All logs are cut to approximate lengths of 9 inches (25cm) and vary in diameter from 2.5 – 6 inches. so can be used in any sized fire or stove.

Load size are approximate  (250-300logs)

0.85 of cubic meter m3 so eqivelent to £10.00 per 0.1 of m3 so £100.00 per m3

Types of hardwood – Ash,beech,oak,cherry. (these types may vary but mainly those listed.) mainly ash, beech

Delivery 7 Days a Week, we offer a log stacking service per bag.

(This may not be possible in busy times i.e  November – February )

Free delivery within a 10 miles radius of KT24 in Surrey.