Legal and Privacy Statements (T&Cs)

Surrey Hills Firewood LTD Introduction
Your privacy matters and we will only use your Data when absolutely necessary. The statement below includes information on law, legislation, how data is handled or stored and who to contact.
This statement covers the relevant laws relating to data
Please refer to the following portal for GDPR Europe:
What data do we collect?
We collect your data by positive opt in via contact form(s). This can include your name, email, phone number and other details including your address. We may also collect your data for the purpose of registration to our newsletter sign up. Signing up for our newsletter is through a third party marketing email service, MailChimp. MailChimp is covered by their own privacy policy and legislation governing email marketing companies. Any financial information process through a card transaction is encrypted and processed via Stripe or Paypal. No financial data is stored on our website.
How do we use personal information?
We use your Information to process our usual business practises, so that we may contact you and provide you the services on offer. Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose. Should you subscribed to our newsletter, then your contact information will be used to provide you with the latest news and offers on the services we provide. We will never share your information with additional third parties (other than our newsletter provider) or marketing groups. You can unsubscribe at any time via the options at the base of the newsletter.
How do we secure personal data?
Our computer systems are compliant with all the relevant legislations and all of our data processes are encrypted via SSL. Our hosting company provides all of the essential security measures to keep your data safe and also backs up data securely.
How long do we keep your data for?
We only keep personal information for the duration of our service to you.
Your rights in relation to personal data
Under the GDPR EU law you can, at any time, ask us what data we hold and request correction, deletion or restrictions on its use. Please use the contact information at the bottom of this statement to submit your requests.

Cookies and other Data

Use of cookies and other technologies
All websites use cookies. These are small pieces of information that pose no security risk. Our website connects to Google Analytics and uses cookies to analyse how visitors interact with our website. The EU cookies directive (pop up) is present on the front end of our website.
Secure Hosting 
For all our websites we use a reputable UK hosting company. The hosting company industry is largely unregulated and many of the largest companies do not use sufficient levels of diligence to prevent hacking or other data breaches. The company we use complies with the Data Protection Act 1998 and has numerous measures to prevent compromise of websites and data. Our sites are secured in a ‘container’ that includes round the clock protection from hackers using their customised WAF (Web Application Firewall). They also maintain up to date software and have closed the main routes often used by hackers. All traffic to/from our sites use encryption via https: (SSL – security certification). No website is 100% secure, but at we endeavour to ensure that everything we do online is as secure as it can be.
Data (Breaches)
We will report any data breach relating to this website and any of the associated storage. We will report this breach to the appropriate authorities within 72 hours as is the requirement under the GDPR legislation.
Contact Information
If you have any questions or concerns with regard to data or this policy, then please contact:
Samuel Goody C/O Centora LTD
Jury Farm
Ripley Lane
KT24 6JT
Phone: 01276 300 103