Hints & Tips

Switching to a wood burning stove

The hit show Game of Thrones warned us that “Winter is coming”. But if you’re in the UK then you’ll know by now that winter is well and truly here. The snow bomb hit this morning, and I for one couldn’t be happier about it. Quite frankly, it’s the moment I’ve been longing for, the leaves have left the trees, the clocks have retreated back an hour and we’ve found ourselves plunged into dark, icy afternoons. Naturally, we need to compensate, hibernate inside our homes and do all in our power to render them cosy sanctuaries until spring comes to save us. And nothing makes a home cosier, than a roaring hot fire!

Whilst wood burning stoves and open fires are very much sort after these days, in fact they can even raise the price of your property. However, some people do worry that they’ll be complicated to install and unsafe to operate. Surrey Hills Firewood is here to set those worries aside.

The first step to switching would be to do your research. There is a number of quality wood burning stove suppliers within Surrey. We’ve listed some here for you to checkout.

Tips for purchasing your first wood-burning stove

  • Visit the supplier show room and take a good look at what different types of stoves on offer and how they would fit into your home.
  • Ask about local regulations and restrictions in your area, and if you would you be required to have an inspection by Hetas or Building Regs after installing.
  • Ask about what types of accessories and materials you’ll require in addition to the actual stove, and what the process of installing will be.
  • Take a picture of your existing fireplace to the showroom; this might help them in advising on connections and installation tips.
  • Take along measurements of your chimney and hearth to assist in working out the lengths of pipes needed, type of flues and distances positioned from the wall.