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Ten reasons to use Surrey Hills Kiln Dried Firewood

Surrey Log Delivery Kiln Dried Logs
  • It’s kiln dried

Kiln dried firewood burns hotter for longer and produces less smoke and soot.

  • Its Ethically and sustainably managed

Through our sister company Sam Goody Professional Tree Services we source our wood from manage Surrey woodland in conjunction with Surrey Council.

  • We only use the best hardwood

Having had a long career in the tree services industry – we know exactly what to look for in our logs and what works. All of the offcuts and lower quality wood is used to feed the kiln burner, so none gets wasted.

  • Our wood has a low moisture content

Kiln drying reduces the water content of the wood by dehydrating it, the end product results in a moisture content of under 10%, that we monitor regularly.

  • We deliver direct to your door

We process all orders within 5 days and will call to arrange a time to deliver which suits you. We delivery all over Surrey and beyond, so if you’re further afield, give us a call for a quote.

  • Our wood is pre-split

We split all of our Kiln Dried Logs prior to placing them in the kiln, so when they arrive at your door, they’re ready to burn.

  • We offer free delivery within 10 miles of KT24

We delivery our bulk log loads direct to your door, along with your fireside accessories. We delivery all over Surrey and if you’re within 10 miles of KT24 you qualify for free delivery.

  • You save on the gas and electricity (which are ever rising)

The cost of gas and electric is constantly going up, using wood as a fuel source allows an affordable and consistent source of heating your home.

  • You can order your logs fireside accessories in bulk
  • You’re supporting more than one local business

When you purchase with Surrey Hills Firewood you’re not only helping one local business, but also our sister company Sam Goody Professional Tree Services by ensuring that all of the wood they process is never wasted.